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How to make Pepper Steak and Onions

This recipe will guidebook you as a result of how to make pepper steak and onions with a savory sauce served around white rice or cauliflower rice. It is so quick, total of taste and prepared in less than 30 minutes.

In a great earth, every single meal would be as quick and scrumptious as this Pepper Steak and Onions. It’s made totally in a person large skillet with purple bell peppers, inexperienced bell peppers, and flank steak with the most amazing savory sauce.

I was so enthusiastic when there was a lot leftover for lunch the future working day. There’s no require for takeout from your local Chinese cafe when you can make this extraordinary pepper steak stir fry at property. This article will guidebook you through how to make pepper steak and onions. Let us make this together, shall we?

How to make pepper steak and onions:

Listed here is a brief overview of how to make pepper steak and onions. The whole recipe which includes component quantities can be found in the recipe card at the bottom of the post.

Marinate the meat: Thinly sliced flank steak is marinated in a simple combination of soy sauce and cornstarch.

pepper steak and onion marinated in soy sauce and cornstarch

Get ready the vegetables: Slice the inexperienced pepper, pink pepper, and onion into skinny strips.

Prepare dinner the greens: Heat oil in a significant skillet more than medium-large heat. Sauté the veggies right until tender, then incorporate in garlic right until fragrant. Take out the veggies from the pan.

green pepper, red pepper, and onion

Cook dinner the meat: Warmth another tablespoon of oil in the skillet then add the meat and stir fry for 5-7 minutes, or until eventually the meat is mainly cooked by means of.

large skillet with flank steak

Make the sauce: Though the meat cooks, make the sauce. When the meat is carried out, return the veggies to the pan, and incorporate the sauce. Simmer for a several minutes until the sauce thickens.

skillet with pepper steak and onions

Serve: A bed of rice or cauliflower rice is best with this stir fry.

How to Cut Flank Steak Versus The Grain

Before cooking the steak, you will lower it into thin slices against the grain. The grain refers to the lines or fibers operating by means of the meat. You will want to slash perpendicular to these strains. To do this, place the flank steak on a clean chopping board and use a sharp knife to slice the flank steak throughout the grain. The objective is to create slices that are shorter in duration, which helps split down the muscle fibers and success in a far more tender chunk.

Slice the steak into 1/4-inch parts for speedy and even cooking.

plate of pepper steak and onions over rice

Marinating Steak

The initially action in this recipe is marinating the steak in soy sauce and cornstarch. Marinating will allow the soy sauce to penetrate the meat, infusing it with abundant and savory flavors. Cornstarch functions as a tenderizing agent, supporting to crack down the muscle fibers in the steak.

The mixture of soy sauce and cornstarch not only provides taste but also performs together to create a coating on the steak. This coating will help retain dampness throughout cooking and types a protecting layer that contributes to a delectable, a bit crispy texture when the steak is stir-fried.

We marinate the steak for 20-30 minutes in the fridge. This time period enables the flavors to penetrate the steak adequately and helps prevent it from becoming overly salty or mushy. The comparatively quick marination time period is efficient for fast paced cooks whilst however providing flavorful outcomes, get-acquire!

Pepper Steak and Onion Sauce Components

This mixture of substances generates a nicely-balanced and flavorful stir fry sauce that enhances the total attractiveness of the steak, pepper, and onion stir fry. For the complete listing of sauce ingredients and their measurements, see the recipe card below.

  • Cornstarch: Thickens the sauce.
  • Beef broth: Makes up the base of the sauce when adding a savory flavor.
  • Rice vinegar: A mildly tangy and marginally sweet vinegar produced from fermented rice. It provides a subtle acidity to the sauce, balancing the richness of the beef broth.
  • Sesame oil: A fragrant and flavorful oil extracted from sesame seeds. It contributes a nutty essence to the stir fry sauce.
  • Worcestershire sauce: Adds depth and richness to the sauce, complementing the beef broth and maximizing the all round savory notes.
  • Oyster sauce: Built from oyster extracts, it presents a distinctive umami flavor to the stir fry sauce and enriches the overall style of the recipe.
  • Hoisin sauce: A thick and sweet Chinese condiment built from soybeans, garlic, vinegar, and various spices.
  • Refreshing floor ginger: I really like the zesty flavor ginger adds to this dish! See additional on your options for ground ginger underneath.
  • Pink pepper flake: Provides a refined heat to the stir fry sauce, giving a touch of spiciness to harmony the other flavors.
  • Brown sugar: Adds a contact of sweetness that balances the other substances.
pan of pepper steak and onions recipe

Cooking with Ginger

I love the flavor ginger provides to recipes, specifically stir fry! When a recipe calls for freshly grated ginger, you have two solutions:

  1. Acquire a new root of ginger and peel it and grate it oneself. You can retail outlet ginger root in the freezer and grate it from frozen.
  2. Invest in a tube of pre-grated ginger. Commonly discovered in the refrigerated portion of your grocery retailer, this solution tends to be extra highly-priced but offers comfort and a for a longer time shelf everyday living. You can evaluate particularly what you need to have for rapid prep.

Storing Leftovers

Retailer any leftover steak stir fry in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. I endorse storing any leftover rice in a different container. Reheat the steak and vegetables in the microwave or on the stovetop over reduced heat right up until heated by way of. Serve about refreshing or reheated rice or cauliflower rice.

bowl of pepper steak and onions over rice

Other Stir Fry Recipes

If you check out this pepper steak and onions recipe or any of my other recipes, let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below. I appreciate hearing from you and how you delight in my recipes!

  • Thinly slice flank steak or top sirloin steak into skinny slices in opposition to the grain and put it in a bowl or big ziplock bag.

  • In a small bowl combine cornstarch with soy sauce, then pour above the meat and stir to combine. Enable the meat to marinate for 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator.

  • In a massive skillet warmth 1 tablespoon avocado or canola oil more than medium warmth.

  • Insert in the thinly sliced peppers and onions and sauté right up until the veggies are tender.

  • Stir in minced garlic and prepare dinner for 30-60 seconds, right up until fragrant.

  • Time peppers, onions and garlic with salt and pepper to style. Eliminate from pan and set aside.

  • Increase an additional tablespoon of oil to the pan. Add the meat and time with salt, pepper, and any added seasonings you’d like. Stir fry for 5-7 minutes, until finally the meat is mostly cooked through.

  • While the meat cooks, make the sauce. In a medium bowl merge beef broth with rice vinegar, sesame oil, Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, fresh new floor ginger, pink pepper flake, brown sugar and 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Whisk.

  • Return the veggies to the pan. Pour the sauce above the beef and vegetables and stir.

  • Simmer for 3-5 minutes or until eventually the sauce commences to thicken.

  • Garnish with chopped environmentally friendly onions and/or sesame seeds.

  • Serve more than rice, cauliflower rice or noodles.

Provide more than rice or cauliflower rice.