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Kacie Rose: From Career Dancer in NYC To “That One American Girl Living In Italy

Kacie Rose had always dreamed of coming to Italy, but when she finally took the plunge and visited for the first time on a solo trip in 2018, she had no idea that as she says, in true Lizzie McGuire fashion, she would meet the love of her life. Fast forward to 2024 and Kacie is now a full-blown content creator and Italy expert, sharing her wisdom and day-to-day life with over a million of her adoring fans online. 

Today in this episode of That Was Delicious, we discuss Kacie’s story of how she ended up living full-time in Italy, some of the culture shocks she had (and still has) living in Italy, tips for travelers coming to Tuscany, and her brand new book: You Deserve Good Gelato.

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Cascine Market (Tuesdays)
Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio
La Sorbettiera
Pino’s Sandwiches
Trattoria Marione
Osteria Cinghiale Bianco
Osteria e Vinaino Cicalone
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