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Easy Steak Seasoning – CenterCutCook

This quick steak seasoning recipe is the fantastic blend of spices and takes your steak to the next amount! It is the greatest way to period steak for flavorful success just about every time.

When it comes to creating flavorful, savory steak, there is a single solution weapon that stands earlier mentioned the rest the perfect steak seasoning! Forget about keep-purchased blends stuffed with preservatives it’s time to make your possess from scratch! Each and every pinch, sprinkle, and sprint transforms an common cut of meat into a masterpiece. This simple steak seasoning is easy to hold on hand whenever you want to whip up the great steak!

bowl of easy steak seasoning with a spoon

Do-it-yourself Seasoning Blends

I enjoy generating my have seasoning blends from scratch. Just like in my selfmade taco seasoning, producing your very own spice blends enables you to personalize it just to your liking. You have manage more than the intensity of every single ingredient, permitting you to create a mix that beautifully fits your style choices and recipes. You also stay away from excess preservatives and additives that are sometimes observed in keep-bought spice blends to increase shelf lifetime and reduce clumping.

Generating your possess blends guarantees the use of refreshing, higher-good quality components. You can modify quantities based on your demands, decreasing the prospects of acquiring stale or expired spices in your blend. Producing your possess permits you to reduce the salt articles without sacrificing taste. Pre-packaged blends may well be much more expensive, as you are paying out for the ease of getting them pre-combined. Creating your very own can be a finances-helpful (and very best of all scrumptious) option. Preserve this steak seasoning blend in your pantry to make the ideal steak!

overhead of easy steak seasoning ingredients in a bowl

Steak Seasoning Substances

Listed here is a listing of the substances that make up this quick steak seasoning. For the entire recipe and all measurements, see the recipe card at the base of the put up. Whisk every thing alongside one another and store in an airtight container or jar.

  • Garlic powder: Adds a sturdy and savory flavor to the seasoning.
  • Onion powder: Adds a sweet and savory onion flavor that perfectly compliments the steak.
  • Purple pepper flakes: Deliver a contact of warmth and a refined smokiness to the mix. The stage of heat is customizable, so feel cost-free to add additional for a spicier seasoning, or a lot less if you are delicate to heat.
  • Chili powder: Contributes warmth, depth, and a trace of smokiness to the seasoning.
  • Paprika: Produced from dried peppers, it has a lively colour and a gentle, a little bit sweet taste.
  • Coriander: Will come from the seeds of the cilantro plant and provides a citrusy and a bit sweet undertone to the seasoning.
  • Floor mustard: Delivers a sharp and tangy flavor.
  • Dried Thyme: Adds a herbaceous and earthy flavor, together with a layer of freshness.
  • Black pepper: A basic spice that provides a mildly spicy kick that improves the in general flavor of the seasoning.
  • Brown sugar: Adds a contact of sweetness and balances out the warmth and acidity from other spices.
spoon of steak seasoning sitting on wooden cutting board next to steak and bowl of steak seasoning

How to Make Steak With Steak Seasoning

Though this is a steak seasoning, it is also scrumptious on rooster or vegetables! Right here is how to make a steak with steak seasoning.

  1. Pick out your steak: Filet mignon, ribeye, strip steak, sirloin, t-bone, etc.
  2. Get ready your steak. Permit it to occur to room temperature and pat it dry.
  3. Time the meat. Period the surface area of the steak on the two sides generously with this Straightforward Steak Seasoning mix.
  4. Prepare dinner the steak. The stovetop, grill, smoker, and broiler are all good choices. When it is cooked to your wished-for doneness, allow the steak to relaxation for a several minutes and enjoy.

Storing Handmade Seasonings

Retain this seasoning blend in an airtight container in your pantry for up to 3 months. A jar with a lid is effective good for storing. Take out what you have to have for your steak and set the rest back in your pantry.

overhead of bowl of easy steak seasoning, steak seasoning with spoon, steak, and greens on a wooden cutting board

Other Steak Recipes

If you make this uncomplicated steak seasoning recipe or any of my other recipes, allow me know what you feel by leaving a comment beneath!

Steak Seasoning Guidelines

Cooking Steak with Steak Seasoning

  • Select your minimize of steak – filet mignon, ribeye, strip steak, sirloin, t-bone, and many others.

  • Allow for steak to arrive to home temperature.

  • Pat the steak dry.

  • Year the surface of the steak on both equally sides generously with this Uncomplicated Steak Seasoning mix.

  • Cook the steak working with your most well-liked strategy – stovetop, grill, smoker, broiler right until it is cooked to your preferred doneness.

  • Make it possible for the steak to rest for a couple minutes, then get pleasure from.